Back to Bembridge

As it was Helen’s birthday this weekend, we thought we’d make a long weekend of it and take the Friday and Monday off.

When we left Swanwick on Thursday night it was a balmy 24 degs C, so we anchored up in Osborne Bay just off the Isle of wight so we could get across the bar in the morning at our beloved Bembridge (which is quickly becoming a favourite haunt for us, as it is charming and only a couple of hours away from base).

Friday and Saturday were blistering, but as it’s Wimbledon fortnight and it hadn’t rained, we got the whole two weeks worth on Sunday and it’s pretty much the same this morning, that accompanied with gusting winds is going to make the return journey fairly miserable.

Hi – Helen here – still we got to walk Alpacas, which I loved and Steve tolerated quite well (think he liked them really), discovered some great beaches and hideaways in the car and on foot and we will be back because there’s still much more to explore here.  A lot of people don’t come here because they are a little daunted by the bar and the approach but there’s always more water than you think (we hope!) and the approach is far easier than you expect

Off to batten down the hatches for a slightly bumpy ride home – after a bacon roll of course



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