Well summer eventually hit us with a bang two weeks ago and hasn’t really left us since, we’ve seen temperatures as high as 36 deg C here with it averaging out at around the 25 Deg C mark.

We’ve had some absolute stonkers of sailing days, with wind, flat seas and hot sunny weather.

We took our International Certificate of Competence (ICC) (and passed) last week! Rather an oddity really, we have our yacht master and have been sailing for years, but have just never got round to or needed the ICC, we went for it because we were going to charter in the MED and most charter companies require the ICC before they will let you rent a boat, in fact your supposed to have an ICC before you sail in European Waters with any boat including your own, but we’ve never been asked for it? Still we have it now so as far as European waters we are legit.

The funny thing was the weekend before we took the test on the Monday, i had fitted a raft of new electronic Raymarine kit and on the morning of the test and spent most of the exam silencing an array of alarms from AIS to man overboard.

We’ve got 4 days off for Helens birthday so will update the blog then.

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