The Folly Inn

We had a nice easy jaunt over to the Folly Inn this weekend, nothing too strenuous, more or less straight over. Still quite blowy though, 7.2 SOG with only half the rag out.

Got there about 1:30 in the afternoon, got a decent space on the pontoon, got a lift over for a pint or two, booked in for dinner and came back for our normal weekend siesta.

Dinner was nowhere near as bad as I was expecting considering the shear volume of people in the queue, the “Folly” has changed dramatically since i was last there, some 15 years ago with pontoons on very possible stretch over river! I can imagine that in mid-season its an absolute nightmare, too much drink and boats is never a good thing!

But as a winter or early season visit its something of an often overlooked treasure, defiantly something we will come back to out of season.

Our trip back was fairly uneventful, although the Solent on a sunny April weekend is something akin to Piccadilly Circus, that said, we did see one of the largest container ships we’d ver seen, the photos below don’t really do it justice.

Cargo 2 Cargo 1







Compared to the Isle of Wight Ferry though!









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