On returning back to the pontoon after we went to fill up the boat with diesel the other day, the Bowthruster decided to pack up! Its not until a major piece of equipment fails that you realise just how much you use it and just how crap you are at manoeuvring your boat without it!

After investigation it turns out it was actually two faults that happened at the same time, one was the actual control wire from the joystick to the control box and the other, the huge heavy duty contactor that applies the 12Vs from the battery to the actual bowthruster electric motor. I could remove them and just fit replacement contacts but Luckily the company that makes them is just down the road and there not that expensive, so i’ll order a new one on Monday.

Bowthruster Contactor
Bowthruster Contactor








Update 7 March: All fitted A-OK

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