Well we can’t complain about the weather!

Last weekend and this have been amazing weekends for weather, Last weekend 17 degs this weekend 19 degs!

Last weekend we sailed down to Yarmouth from Swanwick, took us about 3 hours basking in the sunshine, stopped over night, went to On the Rocks  a great little restaurant we’ve been to a couple of times, that serve you steak on a volcanic rock so you can cook it each mouthful at a time.

We left Sunday morning at around 10 and were back an moored up back in Swanwick by 12, bowling along at 8-8.5 kts at times!

This weekend we’ve spent clearing the boat for the air con thats being fitted this week, a little luxury we pondered long and hard over, but in the scope of things wasn’t a difficult decision to make, we stumped for the reverse cycle units which will give us heating as well as cooling.

We went for the Turbo Vector units from Dometic, we chose the 60 hz units so we can use them in the US via a 110v to 240v step up transformer were fitting at the same time.

Hopefully this just leaves the watermaker as our only other big expense fit, which we’ll do next year.

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