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Moved the boat from Brighton to Swanwick on the River Hamble last weekend. We left Friday and bashed our way through a F7 that wasn’t due to arrive until Saturday, needless to say the Looe Channel wasn’t very nice to us with a F7 wind over tide! Most would have turned round, but we bashed on through in the darkness.

Anyway as it was getting close to midnight and the weather was bad and we didn’t fancy another 2 hours bashing through the wind, we decided to stop off in Gosport for the night and set off afresh in the morning, which we duly did, arriving in Swanwick just before midday.

Allegrini Under Sail
Allegrini Under Sail

The reason for being in Swanwick, marks the start of some major work on the rig, this time we are         dropping the mast, completely re-rigging, in-mast furling system overhaul, rudder bearing, cutlass bearing and new sails.

The sail guys are in southampton and as we have in-mast furling thought it prudent to do all the mast work in one place then its only a quick pop around the corner to fix stuff.


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  1. We remember those days of bashing down to the Solent in the rain and the cold. The Caribbean trades in the sun, sure beat it!!

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