New Toys

Ok on this occasion we have bought new toys, namely a pair of Perception Scooters (Kayaks) (Click on the pics)

perception-scooter-l Scooter-Comfort_pop

A green one for Helen and a blue one for me. Our friends April & Cain rave about them. So in a vain attempt to keep fit and really just for a bit of a giggle in this glorious weather were having, although longer term they will be a great investment for getting backwards and forwards to shore without having to pump up the dingy.

We bought them last weekend and had them delivered to the marina, our mates Dawn & Ian picked them up from the marina office and put them on deck for us.

So this weekend were going to play……video to follow!


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  1. Well done guys. You won’t be sorry. We have lots of kayak envy in the Caribbean. You should be experts by the time you visit. Quinn look forwards to the ride!! Don’t forget to tie the VHF radio on!!!

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