Ice Maker

Our Latest Addition

I know what you are thinking, another toy/gadget, but seriously, you can struggle to make do without a slice of lemon or lime in your G&T, but can you really do without ICE!

One of the benefits of having friends already starting to live your dream  in front of you is the information about things they wish they had known about or taken the time to get before they left.

Our Friends April & Cain on Spirit of Argo are currently anchored off St Lucia, temperatures each day reaching 30+, a couple of things they say are difficult to deal with is that the water in your cold water tanks reaches 25 degs C and that the freezer has ice trays constantly filled to cool their drinks.

This got me thinking do you want your freezer filled with ice cubes or is there an easier alternative, so i set about thinking about an ice maker, too costly i thought, uses to much energy, to big.

Well how wrong i was!, as you can see i’ve just purchased the Polar worktop ice maker, it makes 10kgs of ice over 24hrs and can make a ice bucket of ice in approx. 15mins of being switched on

So to see just how much energy it uses, i killed my mains supply so i was running on inverter only,  even with the inverter losses it draws less than 2 amps, yippee.

I removed the rubber feet from the bottom an bolted it from beneath into the feet bolt holes so its now secured in our locker room.

Cruisers, Seriously think about it, you only need to turn it on when you need ice, but what a godsend when you have people over for sundowners! (click on the amazon link on the right)

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